2019 business security

How to Prepare Your Business IT for 2019

If you ask an IT pro when is the best time to upgrade, they’ll tell you, “Yesterday.”     New business applications roll out on a monthly basis, and it’s harder than ever for a business to maintain the hardware and software they use, especially if they are straddling the line between on-premise and cloud-based services. … Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Business IT for 2019”

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email security

Email Is the Most Dangerous Threat to
Business Security

  • Posted on: December 6, 2018
  • Posted By: Thomas Dukeshire

  The era of the online virus is over. Today, being wary of your inbox is the best way to prevent a cyberattack on your business.   Threats that prey on email vulnerability use tactics called spear phishing or phishing, and it’s how cyber criminals are costing Vermont businesses valuable time and resources. No Vermont … Continue reading “Email Is the Most Dangerous Threat to
Business Security”

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cyber liability

Why Every Vermont Business Needs
Cyber Liability Insurance

Does your business need cyber liability insurance?   If your company manages customer data, a better question might be how long do you dare go without it.   According to security expert Graham Cooley, the average cost per lost or stolen record is $148. Multiply that by the number of customers whose data or personal … Continue reading “Why Every Vermont Business Needs
Cyber Liability Insurance”

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