woman frustrated with data backup on her computer

Backup and Recovery Strategies for Your Business

Every business needs data backups. This is not news.   Despite this fact, we still see situations where a business hard drive fails, and critical data is lost until we can restore it.   You don’t even have to wait for something to break before facing a backup and disaster recovery situation. Wait for the … Continue reading “Backup and Recovery Strategies for Your Business”

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outsourcing or insourcing technical solutions

Insourcing Business Information Technology vs. Outsourcing

There are two words an IT support person can say that will strike fear in the heart of any employer:   “I quit.”   Recruiting qualified IT help is a huge challenge for businesses, especially here in Vermont, where the supply of skilled help can be somewhat thin. So, what can you do when your … Continue reading “Insourcing Business Information Technology vs. Outsourcing”

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hiring a business IT technician

How to Hire a Business IT Technician in Vermont

So, you need to hire new IT support for your business.   I’m going to out on a limb here and guess this isn’t a task you are excited about.   After all, IT people speak a language all their own, right?   You might not be technical person yourself, and aren’t sure how to … Continue reading “How to Hire a Business IT Technician in Vermont”

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