Why One IT Technician is Not Enough for Your Business

Do you know how many technologies your business uses?   When things are working, it’s easy to forget how many interdependent solutions you rely on to serve your clients and keep the lights on. It’s only when something breaks that you begin to understand your tech infrastructure. This might be called, “Learning the hard way.” … Continue reading “Why One IT Technician is Not Enough for Your Business”

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Managed IT Services: What You Are Really Paying For

When it comes to managed IT services, whether a person is technically adept or not, people often struggle to understand what they’re paying for.   For some businesses, managed security feels like paying insurance. You pay for it every month just in case. Unless something bad happens, that monthly cost is sunk, right? But there … Continue reading “Managed IT Services: What You Are Really Paying For”

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Insourcing Business Information Technology vs. Outsourcing

There are two words an IT support person can say that will strike fear in the heart of any employer:   “I quit.”   Recruiting qualified IT help is a huge challenge for businesses, especially here in Vermont, where the supply of skilled help can be somewhat thin. So, what can you do when your … Continue reading “Insourcing Business Information Technology vs. Outsourcing”

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