IT technician quitting

How to Prepare for the Day Your
IT Technician Quits

If you have only one IT technician, that person holds the keys to your company’s “technological kingdom.”   But sooner or later, he or she will retire or leave for another position. If you haven’t planned for that day, you could find yourself paying a computer services company up to five figures to get a … Continue reading “How to Prepare for the Day Your
IT Technician Quits”

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cloud based phone system

Getting Your Business Set up with a Cloud-Based Phone System

  • Posted on: August 20, 2018
  • Posted By: Thomas Dukeshire

  There’s nothing worse than losing potential business because you’re not set up to route an incoming call to a key employee who’s stepped out of the office.   Routing problems, poor call quality, missed calls, and having no auto attendant are all good reasons to consider making the move to a hosted phone system. … Continue reading “Getting Your Business Set up with a Cloud-Based Phone System”

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business computer repair

How Vermont Businesses Overspend on
Computer Repair

Computers aren’t magic devices, much as we’d like that to be true.   Some businesses are comfortable with a “don’t fix it unless it’s broke” approach to computer repair. But that mindset can leave you dealing with unknown costs at unplanned times and emergency fixes that slow down productivity.   Getting ahead of the computer … Continue reading “How Vermont Businesses Overspend on
Computer Repair”

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